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Drake pushed Brianna onto her knees. They were deep into the mine now. Brianna looked up, afraid to what she would see. 

A green being on the wall of the mine the Gaiaphage. She began shaking with fear. What would the Gaiaphage do to her?

Drake heard it now, stronger than before. He believed it was also in Brianna’s mind, too. Come to me. “We’re here,” Drake whispered. “What do you need?”

Brianna stood up. But she wasn’t Brianna anymore. Not really. The Gaiaphage had changed her, like it had changed Lana, and Brittney. 

One of the reasons the Gaiaphage had picked Brianna was because she had potential to be as bad as Caine. It was just chance that she had sided against Caine in Coates. If she hadn’t, her hands wouldn’t have been cemented together, and then she wouldn’t have always hated Caine. In fact, she probably would have ended up on his side.

The Gaiaphage was able to edit parts of Brianna’s mind, when she was this close. It took away all her love for her friends, and made the hatred she had inside her burn brighter.

Brianna looked toward the green mass that was the Gaiaphage, and bowed her head respectfully. “What do you need us to do master?”